Brochures, Newsletters & Annual Reports

Concept Designs has extensive experience in the Design of Brochures, Newsletters and Annual ReportsGraphic Design Flyers 2

Brochures, Newsletters and Annual Reports can be your communication tool to your constituents and having them designed by a professional Graphic Designer communicates the worth and value of your company or organisation.

Layout of Annual Reports

Concept Designs’ extensive experience incorporates the layout of illustrations and any necessary graphs. We understand that illustrations are associated with the Designing of annual reports and are necessary to visually communicate to your clients and customers. Whether it be to carefully select photographs, or your graphs and diagrams we can incorporate them into the design of your annual report.

Design of Corporate Brochures and Newsletters

Concept Designs has professionally designed corporate brochures and newsletters for many organisations. Our experience has included the schooling sector, not for profit sector, mining sector, tertiary education, medical practitioners, the building sector and photographic companies. Whatever your graphic design needs for your newsletter or brochure, contact Concept Designs and we can discuss your possibilities.